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Sweet Delights’ Founder Debra Allen–aka “Miss Debbie”

Seven Years in the Making…

Sweet Delights Bakery completely emerged running from a proverbial womb back in 2010. Unfortunately, at some point, efforts seemed likened to swiftly sprinting on a treadmill. Disappointment became a menacing shadow, which, even during the most vibrant of days loomed large than faded. But Miss Debbie’s endurance is boundless: The Miami Herald, BuzzFeed, and Business Insider are among popular news outlets that have allowed Sweet Delights Bakery to stand on their shoulders as it began to cross from the threshold of obscurity.

#1 Key lime pie, Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida–The 25 Best Pies in America, ranked (Business Insider)

#10 Sweet Delights, Miami, Florida– Here’s The Best Bakery in Every State, According to Yelp (BuzzFeed.com)

At last, the vivaciousness Sweet Delights brings with every bite is beginning to be felt by even more anticipating bellies! This same spirit that transcended every soul whose nagging curiosity drew them into that eccentric little shop at the side of the road, emanates from founder Debra Allen–known tenderly as Miss Debbie.

Best key lime pie made from the sweetest woman! —Lainey P. (yelp.com)

“Owner, baker, and angel in disguise…” — Alice V. (yelp.com)

Allen’s fortitude paves the way for Sweet Delights stellar reputation and phenomenal success; it has also earned her a nomination from the US Attorney’s Office for Trailblazer Woman of the Year. Miss Debbie deeply appreciates all those who happily looked upon Sweet Delights at its birth in 2010, and subsequent natural-born explorers to come…

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